The 9 Best Hotels in NYC for a Staycation - The Manual (2024)

The 9 Best Hotels in NYC for a Staycation - The Manual (1)

It’s no easy endeavor to select a hotel in New York City; there are just way too many options! Even if you boast of being a local and have a list of hotels that you’ve walked by and would like to check out, there will always be a longer list of ones you have overlooked. From luxury icons, to design-driven havens, to quirky one-of-a-kind stays, we’ve compiled a shortlist of where to stay in the Big Apple.


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  • Mid-Level
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1 Hotel Central Park

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Just steps away from Central Park, 1 Hotel Central Park is a moss-covered nature oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of an urban lifestyle. Inspired by nature and the idea of protecting it, the hotel has taken exceptional measures to make a positive environmental impact. For starters, the hotel is designed using reclaimed materials, and organic bed linens and non-toxic, eco-friendly mattresses are present in each room. Bathroom faucets are equipped with a water filtration system and in-room cups made from recycled wine bottles are available in the rooms for drinking purposes. All bathrooms are also equipped with a shower timer as a reminder to keep showers to a maximum of five minutes to conserve water.

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Happenings outside of the sacred sleeping area include complimentary wellness classes by certified trainers, meaningful meetings that advocate, educate, and engage, and Central Park tours led by an expert Conservancy guide. Jams, the onsite restaurant, serves farm-to-table dishes with organic, sustainably and locally sourced ingredients. At the Lobby Farmstand, guests will find complimentary fresh seasonal fruits that are imperfect in appearance but perfect in taste, which would otherwise be discarded by producers or grocers.

Park Hyatt New York

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Sleek, serene, and elegant are three words to describe this ultra-luxurious hotel in the middle of Midtown. Park Hyatt NYC occupies the first 25 floors of One57, a 90-story skyscraper. It can’t be missed across from Carnegie Hall and two blocks from Central Park as the building will mesmerize you with its beauty. The spacious rooms (475 square feet and larger) with floor-to-ceiling windows are minimalistic with muted tones, stone floors, dark wood, and contemporary furniture. The common areas of the hotel are called The Study and The Living Room in hopes that guests will feel they’re at home. Unique artwork is a staple here with over 350 pieces commissioned from the Museum of Modern Art. A highlight piece is the installation above the bar that contains nearly 1,000 pieces of glass. Guests can spend an entire day at Park Hyatt’s 25th floor spa where the 65-foot indoor swimming pool is claimed to have the most beautiful views in the city.

Soho Grand Hotel

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Soho Grand has some of the swankiest rooms in NYC and holds the title of the first luxury downtown boutique hotel. The 17-story chic industrial-inspired, airy space has designer touches with upscale amenities. Soho Grand is home to a classic hotel bar, an American diner, a tropical outdoor restaurant, and a sophisticated club room. Other perks include a fitness center, free bikes, free movie screenings and pet-friendly amenities.


Wythe Hotel

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Wythe wore many hats before becoming a hotel. In 1901, what is now a boutique hotel was once a barrel and rope factory. Elements of the past can be seen when stepping into any of the guest rooms, in the exposed brick walls, factory windows, reclaimed wood, and concrete floors. The industrial-chic hotel is located on the Brooklyn waterfront, in the heart of the vibrant Williamsburg neighborhood. Wythe is also an incubator for artists. In each room at Wythe, you’ll find original artwork from artists within the community. Wythe’s hope is to foster a connection between guests and the wider creative community of Brooklyn. Dining options include the newly opened Bar Blondeau, which serves French plates, natural wines and breathtaking views of Manhattan and Le Crocodile, a brasserie serving French fare.

Smyth Tribeca

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Smyth Tribeca is a newly opened, independent, 14-story, 100-room neighborhood hotel. It’s a destination for guests seeking a stylish, minimalist environment. The design is a mix of urban, classic, and contemporary. Smyth has 12 different room types, all with floor-to-ceiling windows and large marble bathrooms and walk-in rain showers. The residential style lobby is meant to mimic a home living room and the bar is the perfect gathering spot for Tribeca’s creatives to mingle.

The Hoxton, Williamsburg

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The Hoxton Williamsburg‘s nine-story building at the site of a former water tower factory has retained a few industrial touches. The eccentric, retro lobby is stocked with locally sourced vintage furniture, fireplaces, bookshelves packed with works about art, and chandelier styles that date back to the 1970s. The rooms have floor-to-ceiling city views and are compact but have fold-down desks, drawers under the bed, and a wardrobe rail in lieu of a dresser. There is also a mini library curated specifically for each room.


Arlo NoMad

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If there’s one thing to take away from this hotel, it’s that it has absolutely stunning views of the Empire State Building, which is a mere two blocks away. The rooms are teeny-tiny (think college dorm style) at 150 square feet, but the mesmerizing floor-to-ceiling window wall makes up for the lack of space. Arlo NoMad has a 31st-floor rooftop bar, a 2nd-floor bar, a bodega, and a Middle Eastern restaurant. Check out their events calendar for DJ happenings and workout classes.

The Redbury

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The Redbury NYC originally opened as a women’s hotel in 1903. It was the first hotel in the city exclusively for women, male guests were not allowed above the ground floor. The hotel immediately became a hit and even had 200 women on a waiting list to stay. Today, of course, people of any gender are allowed to stay in the hotel. The chic rooms have walls adorned with picture frames and homey pieces such as record players. The color red runs predominately throughout the hotel…go figure! The Redbury has a lounge, an Italian restaurant, a Roman-style aperitivi bar, and a café. In 2012, the hotel was designated as a historical landmark.

TWA Hotel

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The TWA Flight Center was completed in 1962 but closed in 2001 when the airline became extinct. Today, the architectural wonder has been transformed into a hotel that serves as both an airport hotel as well as a sanctuary for those with longer layovers. The surprisingly quiet guest rooms have thrilling views of JFK’s runways. Views are also spectacular from the infinity pool. TWA Hotel offers guests a co*cktail lounge inside of an inactive plane, the world’s largest hotel fitness center, museum exhibits, and a Twister Room where you can play a wall-to-wall version of the game. Rooms are available for day and overnight bookings.

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The 9 Best Hotels in NYC for a Staycation - The Manual (2024)


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