Is it good or bad to refinance your car? (2024)

Is it good or bad to refinance your car?

Auto loan refinancing is generally a good idea if it allows you to save money on interest. But it's not always a wise financial move, especially as interest rates continue to rise, so think carefully before applying.

What is the downfall of refinancing a car?

If you refinance and extend your loan's term, you are more likely to end up owing more than your vehicle's worth. This is called being upside-down or underwater on your loan. Your chances of going upside-down with a longer loan term increase because cars generally depreciate in value each year.

How does refinancing my car help me?

Refinancing your auto loan means applying for a new auto loan that pays off your current loan. This results in a new interest rate, a new loan agreement, and a new loan term. It's a good idea to consider refinancing when interest rates have dropped or when your financial situation has improved.

Does refinancing hurt your credit?

Refinancing will hurt your credit score a bit initially, but might actually help in the long run. Refinancing can significantly lower your debt amount and/or your monthly payment, and lenders like to see both of those. Your score will typically dip a few points, but it can bounce back within a few months.

Is it smart to refinance a car loan?

Auto loan refinancing is generally a good idea if it allows you to save money on interest. But it's not always a wise financial move, especially as interest rates continue to rise, so think carefully before applying.

Do you start all over when you refinance your car?

What happens when you refinance a car? When your new, refinanced loan is approved, your new lender will pay off your old loan, and you'll start making loan payments to your new lender. If the lender is the same, they'll retire your old loan and issue a new loan that you'll start making payments on instead.

Why do I owe more on my car after refinancing?

A longer term could mean paying much more interest over the life of the loan. Plus, some lenders charge fees that could wipe out any savings you would enjoy. Refinancing can also have a negative impact on your credit in the short term, though making on-time loan payments will help your credit in the long run.

Do I get money back if I refinance my car?

Can you refinance a car and get cash out? You can take equity out of your car in the form of a cash-out auto refinance loan that's up to the current value of your vehicle. You'll get cash back as a lump sum over the amount of your original loan balance.

What are the negative effects of refinancing?

The pitfalls of refinancing your mortgage
  • Closing costs. To begin with, refinancing loans have closing costs just like a regular mortgage. ...
  • You may end up in more debt. You also need to have a clear idea of how you'll use the money you free up when you refinance. ...
  • A slight dip in your credit score.

What is a good interest rate for a car?

Average car loan interest rates by credit score
Credit scoreAverage APR, new carAverage APR, used car
Superprime: 781-850.5.64%.7.66%.
Prime: 661-780.7.01%.9.73%.
Nonprime: 601-660.9.60%.14.12%.
Subprime: 501-600.12.28%.18.89%.
2 more rows
5 days ago

Who benefits from refinancing?

If rates are lower, or you think your credit rating may qualify you for a better interest rate than you received when you first got your mortgage, you may consider refinancing. A refinance is essentially getting a new mortgage to replace the one you currently have.

What matters when refinancing a car?

Lenders view positive equity — cars worth more than you owe — as a big plus when refinancing. This is largely because the lender stands to make more if you default and it repossesses your vehicle to sell. This possibility means the lender may offer you a lower interest rate.

Is it ever a good idea to refinance?

Historically, the rule of thumb is that refinancing is a good idea if you can reduce your interest rate by at least 2%. However, many lenders say 1% savings is enough of an incentive to refinance.

How many times can you refinance a car?

Regardless of your situation, the answer is: You can refinance your car loan as many times as you'd like. There's no legal limit. However, you should understand the benefits, drawbacks and requirements of refinancing before moving forward.

What does your credit score need to be to refinance a car?

Most lenders require at least 600. You likely won't get a better rate by refinancing with a score lower than this. It could even cost you more overall, especially if you increase your loan term to reduce your monthly payments. You can check your credit score for free.

What is a good interest rate for a car for 72 months?

What is a good interest rate for a 72-month car loan? An interest rate under 5% is a great rate for a 72-month auto loan. However, the best loan offers are only available to borrowers who have the best credit scores and payment histories.

Can I lower my car payment without refinancing?

Refinancing is one of the easiest ways to get a lower car payment and more favorable interest rates to save money. You can reduce monthly car payments without refinancing by trading in your vehicle, selling it, or negotiating with your lender.

Will I owe more if I refinance?

For example, when refinancing your mortgage, there will be closing costs to be paid as part of the process. If you opt to have the closing costs rolled into the new mortgage, you're augmenting the mortgage balance — the amount you owe — and thus diluting your equity — the amount you own.

Should I refinance my car or just pay it off?

If you got your loan when average rates were high and they've since come down, it's wise to look into refinancing. Unfortunately, auto loan rates steadily increased throughout 2023. Our experts forecast rates will cool off slightly for good-credit borrowers but generally remain elevated through 2024.

Can you pay off a 72 month car loan early?

There are no legal restrictions to paying off your auto loan early but it may come with fees from your auto loan provider. Paying off a car loan early can be a good option to save money and reduce your debt, but whether it is a good idea depends on your unique financial situation.

How hard is it to refinance a car?

Completing an application for refinancing a car often takes less than an hour, and many lenders return a loan decision immediately. The reasons for refinancing a car vary.

Can I refinance my car with the same lender?

Can I Refinance My Car Loan with the Same Lender? Many lenders will allow you to refinance your existing car loan. If your credit score has improved substantially since you took out the original loan, your bank will be just as willing as its competitors to give you a better deal.

Do you pay more interest when you refinance?

If interest rates have dropped since you first obtained your mortgage, a rate-and-term refinance can provide you with a lower rate. You might also qualify for a better interest rate if your credit score has improved since taking out your current loan.

Is 7% interest on a car bad?

Typically, interest rates for car loans range from around 7% to 13% for those with good credit, and can be higher for those with poor credit. A 17% interest rate would result in a significant increase in the overall cost of the car, as well as higher monthly payments.

Is 6% interest on a car a lot?

If you can get a rate under 6% for a used car, this is likely to be considered a good APR.


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